About us

QEC is an independent evangelical church based in the west of the Island of Jersey. We are a church family made up of people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. We love and trust Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord, and we believe that the Bible is God's Word to all mankind and to us personally. Our aim is to listen, to understand, and to respond to God's Word and to follow what it teaches.

The word 'Evangelical' in our name means that we identify with Christians who for 2000 years have declared the good news of the love of God in the Lord Jesus and have looked to the Bible for what to believe and how to live. We thank God for all He has done for us, and we believe His promises; that He is with us now, and that we shall be with Him for ever. For all this we worship Him, and we warmly invite you to come and join us and discover for yourself the joy of knowing Jesus.

QEC is led by a Pastor - Leon Coates, Elder - Neil Deacon
and team of deacons. 

QEC is based in our own church buildings sited in Le Clos de Carrel (near the Quennevais sports centre) with extensive car parking available.

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QEC is a member of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC). 

History of Quennevais Evangelical Church

The Church was formed in the 1960's as an outreach work from Halkett Place Evangelical Church, St Helier. It was created to proclaim the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister to the occupants of the new housing estates being constructed in the west of the Island of Jersey, on the site of former sand dunes at Les Quennevais Park, close to Red Houses, in the Parish of St Brelade.

The Church Fellowship existed before it had a building, and services were held in the home of the first minister, Reverend Bill Edwards and his wife Mary, and at Les Quennevais School until March 1972, when the present Church building in Le Clos de Carrel was completed and opened with a celebratory Service, conducted by the Reverend D.L Evans of Letchworth, Hertfordshire. A programme of outreach by Bill and Mary and the early church members saw rapid growth, supported through house to house visitation and literature distribution.

Bill and Mary Edwards, served the Church and the local community faithfully for 30 years until 1996, and saw considerable growth in the fellowship numbers and God's blessing on the work until their retirement, when the Reverend Jonathan Watson was called to the pastorate from Northern Ireland and took up occupation of the manse together with his wife Heather and their two children, Louise and Catherine, following an induction Service conducted by the late Rev. Robert Sheehan on Friday 7th March 1997, which happened to coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of the church building.

Whilst enjoying a well deserved retirement Bill and Mary continued to be actively involved in the life of the Church. Bill went to be with the Lord towards the end of 2016 but Mary continues to be active in the fellowship and is held in great affection by the congregation.

Jonathan Watson was pastor of the Church until 2004, when he was invited to take up the post of Editor for the Banner of Truth based in Murrayfield, Edinburgh. Jonathan and Heather are fondly remembered by the present congregation and are on occasion welcome visitors to the Island. Jonathan left a passion for church history and the reformed faith as an important part of his legacy and ministry at 'Quennevais', and took with him a passion for cycling, developed amongst the Island's beautiful scenery. He continues to pursue these passions through his work with Banner of Truth, although his two wheeled transport now occasionally has an engine, in order to cover the significantly greater distance from home to work!

In 2005 Pastor Roger Davies and his wife Rachel arrived at 'Quennevais', having been called from a ministry at Bulkington Congregational Church near Coventry, where they had served for 13 years. Roger and Rachel have four children, Jonathan, Christopher, Gareth and Daniel, and prior to taking up the ministry Roger was a music teacher from 1970 until 1992 originally hailing from Walsall.

Roger brought with him a focus on faithful expository ministry and Rachel was an energetic contributor across the whole spectrum of Church life. As a congregation we thank God for His willing servants and His goodness in providing for the ministry of the word over the years. Roger retired from the ministry in 2016, and he and Rachel now live in Shropshire.

Following Roger's retirement, the church was served by a number of ministers, from all over the United Kingdom for a period of almost four years, for which the church is truly grateful.

Leon Coates was called to be the new pastor of QEC at the Church’s Anniversary weekend on the 10th March 2020.  He, his wife Nataly and their daughters Sophie and Emily came for a brief visit the following weekend, but then due to the lockdown as a consequence of the Covid-19, they stayed in Jersey! There was an online Induction Service on Sunday 19th April 2020 led by Daniel Grimwade, Pastor of Dewsbury Evangelical Church where Leon had previously been the Assistant Pastor. We praise the Lord for His provision of a new pastor in the life of Quennevais that we may, together, glorify the Lord in all we do.