What We Believe

What we believe


We believe:

  • God is personal and has spoken to us in his Word, the Bible.
  • He made all things.
  • The human race rebelled against him and rejected him.
  • We are individually responsible for our sins.
  • We must face God as our judge.

We believe:

  • God is holy, merciful and loving.
  • He has not abandoned us.
  • He sent Jesus Christ, his only Son, to be our Saviour.

We believe:

  • Forgiveness is offered to all, and that all who believe in Jesus Christ will be forgiven.

Our worship is:

  • Centred on Jesus Christ – God can only be approached through Jesus Christ.
  • Simple – easy to follow and without complicated rituals or ceremonies.
  • Bible-based – seeking to follow God's ways of worshipping and serving him.

We subscribe to the F.I.E.C basis of faith which can be found here: Basis of faith